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Please use our handy payment calculator to figure out your monthly payment or purchase price. The payment calculator is a quick and effective tool to easily estimate your budget. Our finance team will help you figure out a payment plan for your calculated monthly payment or purchase price.

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Things to Consider When Financing a Car

Saving for a down payment on a car can help lower your car payment and total cost of your auto loan. So the more you're able to save now, the more you can save later. In many cases, though, a down payment for a car is not required.

You'll want to consider is the term of the loan. The longer the term, the more interest you'll pay, which increases your true cost to own your next car. But the trade-off is a lower monthly payment, which may get you more car for your budget.

Every car payment plan is different, so the real question is what is best for you? The knowledgeable finance team at Volkswagen of Stockton can help you understand you auto financing options and help recommend the best solution for your needs and budget. Buying a car can be a confusing process but our hospitable finance department is always willing to help make it easier.

How Your Credit Affects Your Car Financing Options 

Having a good credit score will help you get a lower interest rate on your next car. It's recommended that you check you credit history for error and make an effort to correct any inconsistencies. Anyone can have mistakes on their credit scores, so it's always good to check. These are just a few simple steps you can take to save yourself some money when financing your next vehicle. 

While your credit score will impact your available financing options, financing a car can be a quick and simple way to repair bad credit. After you've paid off your car, you're likely to get much better terms on future loans and financing.

Visit us at Volkswagen of Stockton -- we will help you find the best car financing for your next car purchase in Stockton.

Our goal is to make purchasing a car simple and affordable. We can work with you to get you into the car of your dream with a car payment that fits within your budget. Ask us any question. We are happy to get you clear answers and to find you the best available financing options.

At Volkswagen of Stockton, we make buying a new car, simple.

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