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Washer Fluid is Necessary for Maintenance

We take our windshield wipers for granted and the fluid used to help keep our windshields clean. However, the windshield washer system needs regular maintenance just like the motor in your car or even your transmission.

The windshield washer system consists of a water pump, water reservoir, hoses and numerous other small parts that ensure we have washer fluid available when needed. We know the importance of the fluid in keeping our windshields clean of dirt and grime, but it is necessary for maintaining the pump, hoses, and other parts. Without the fluid properly maintained, the pump can corrode and the hoses dry out, ultimately resulting in a complete breakdown of the system. That means money out of your pocket to replace it.

However, our technicians at Volkswagen of Stockton, CA will gladly help you avoid such problems. Bring your vehicle by our Volkswagen service department, and we will check your system and refill your fluid. We can take the worry out of vehicle maintenance.

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