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Look Out for These Common Suspension Issues

Your car's suspension system is hidden under your vehicle and is generally difficult to inspect visually like other parts of your car. That is why we feel at Volkswagen of Stockton that it is important to be aware of some common signs of suspension wear that could indicate it is time to have it serviced.

While your vehicle is parked, if you notice it leaning to one side or to one corner, that is a good indicator that your springs or other suspension parts may be worn out. You will also notice that you will seem to roll from one side to the other while turning, instead of remaining relatively level. Finally, in a vehicle with a worn out suspension, even light braking can result in the front end of your car dipping dramatically in response.

These are some of the common signs you can pay attention for while driving. If you notice any, call us at our Volkswagen service station in Stockton, CA to set up your suspension service today.

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