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Learn More About Rear Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive

Cars use transmissions to transfer horsepower from their engines to their drive wheels, and the most-popular types of vehicles are front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. At Volkswagen of Stockton, we are happy to help drivers like you understand the differences between the two choices.

In short, front-wheel drive pulls, and rear-wheel drive pushes. Also, manufacturers can build FWD cars faster than RWD cars, so you can save money on your initial purchase by choosing a FWD model. Still, a rear-wheel drive car can cost you less on major repairs because RWD configurations are more durable and contain fewer parts than FWD setups.

Importantly, FWD cars feature most of their weight over their front wheels and produce more dependable traction. RWD cars enjoy evenly dispersed weight, which provides better handling through curves. As a result, family sedans usually feature FWD, and performance coupes roll on RWD.

If you want to feel the difference firsthand, book a test drive at our Volkswagen showroom today!

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