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Advantages to Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Regardless of the type of vehicle you want for your driving needs, buying something used can be a great value. Volkswagen of Stockton believes that it doesn't have to be stressful to find a reliable used car or truck that is an outstanding value for the price.

On average, a new car will only be worth 54% of its original price three years after it was purchased. Due to this, you can find a slightly used car for a much lower price. Modern cars will stay on the road for 11 years on average, so a vehicle that is…

Warranties: Powertrain vs. Bumper-To-Bumper

What's the difference between a powertrain warranty and bumper-to-bumper coverage?

At Volkswagen of Stockton, we want you to make the most informed decision about your next car. Informing you the differences between warranties is a must because keeping you in the loop makes the process easier for all of us! A powertrain warranty is a warranty that covers the parts that keep the vehicle functioning, like the engine, transmission, and other moving parts like driveshafts and differentials. Bumper-to-bumper coverage usually covers a shorter term, but protects...



The End of the Line for the Volkswagen Beetle

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle, the beloved vehicle that restarted the German automobile industry after the devastation of WWII, is coming to an end. That’s right, the 2019 version of the Beetle is the last of its kind that you will see on the market. That is why the final year brings a new model called the “Final Edition.”

For decades, Stockton residents have watched, wondered, purchased, and cherished the Volkswagen Beetle. Now that the line is coming to an end, there is one final year with an innovative design that stands out from all the others produced over the…

Come Experience The All-New 2019 Volkswagen Arteon

When the time comes to choose a new vehicle, sometimes there is a desire for something new and different. After all, it's not every day that you have to option to travel the streets of [location] in a new model vehicle. If this experience is something that you'd like, then the all-new 2019 Volkswagen Arteon is a fastback that you should consider.

A visit to Volkswagen of Stockton will quickly illustrate why being behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Arteon may be where you want to be. This fastback sedan comes with an available 4MOTION all-wheel drive. With…

The Convenient Design of the Volkswagen Passat

If you are looking for a well-designed car that you can use as a car for the entire family, you need to take a look at the Volkswagen Passat available at Volkswagen of Stockton. The Volkswagen Passat has a sleek exterior design, and the entire vehicle is designed with both comfort and convenience in mind.

The interior of the Passat has some exceptional features that promote the comfort of the driver and the passengers. Both of the front seats of the Passat are heated for warmth during winter's chill. The car also has dual-zone climate control so that each…


Take Your Drive to a New Level of Fun in the Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a vehicle that's long been known for its unique design and performance. What you may not know is that today's Volkswagen Beetle still utilizes a fun and funky design that you can be proud to drive. Here are just a couple of the cool design features you can expect to find on the VW Beetle.

First, the Final Edition SEL Beetle comes equipped with leather seats that feature a luxurious diamond-stitched design. It's a constant reminder that this childlike car is all grown up. On the exterior, the round headlights are unmistakably Beetle…


The Value of Clean Differential Fluid

All vehicles need differential fluid. If you want to prolong your vehicle's longevity, the differential fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals. Most four-wheel drive automobiles have a rear and front differential. You can find them between the drive wheels. They work with the transmission, and they deliver power from the engine to the axle that controls the wheels.

Lubricating fluid helps to improve the longevity of the differential. The fluid moves heat away from the differential. Normal wear and tear will eventually affect the quality of the differential fluid. 


What Type of Tire is Best for You, Summer or All-Weather?

When it is time to replace your tires, what type of tires should you get? You may not be aware that there are different types of tires for different types of weather, and that you may want to get a specific type of tire to handle the driving conditions that are typical in your area.

All-weather tires are meant to be used in both warm and cold seasons, but not in very cold winter conditions. They have a symmetrical and deep tread, which means they will last longer. Summer tires have an asymmetrical and more shallow tread, which allows the…


The Volkswagen Golf Is Ready for Any Morning Commute

Sometimes, when you wake up late in the morning, you rise out of bed wide awake and in a panic. You know you’re running late, even though you were just asleep moments before.

This video takes that idea and combines it with the Volkswagen Golf. In fact, the Volkswagen Golf is so ready for the road ever morning that it starts up just as quickly as you do on those mornings where you are running late.


Check Out What Patricia Thinks of Her Volkswagen Vehicle?

When you are buying a car one of the most important (yet hard to pin down) factors to consider is whether the car, truck, or SUV is right for you. That is what Patricia considered when she went to buy a car; that’s how she found out that her Volkswagen model was the best option.

Just check out this video where she talks about her Volkswagen vehicle and you will see exactly what we are talking about.



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